January Picture Post!

I’m sad to report I don’t have many pictures I really consider share worthy from this month… But I selected a few!:3

Mostly I’ve just been snapping pictures of this little guy!


(This screen grab is from a gorgeous instavid Shad made so I can’t really take credit, but it’s gorgeous!!) Novu is growing up so fast and is quickly becoming my best friend. He makes me miss Shadow though. (The dog I posted of in November who passed away.) I wish she could have met him. But he puts smiles on my face at my most low times.


The weather has been crazy as I’m sure you all know! I haven’t had a winter like this in sooo long. Just when you think it’s finally settling down; BAM! More comes! But I’ve been having fun finding little strong plants through the harsh winter months.


I took a few pictures of flowers blooming in the greenhouse today that I’ll share soon. The strength of these plants to grow in these conditions really inspires me.

Well…I did better at eating healthy in January than I have my whole life I think. I just discovered most of the things I bought this last shopping round were all natural, which I didn’t even plan! Shad’s been helping me eat veggies by slipping them into things that I normally enjoy eating the most.


But it’s November…Last year I adopted the Japanese tradition of making chocolate goodies…so I’ll be eating poorly this month…

But I think you guys will like the results if everything turns out to my hopes!;3

Mostly I’ve just been busy with school and work. I ended up dropping some classes in order to focus on the ones I actually want for transfer. I suppose I’m going through some sort of self crisis though, so I’ve been a little unfair to Shad. But we’re pretty excited about all the things we’re planning!






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