The Devil Has An Angel Face.

I thought I’d put my contacts to use again! Here are some photos from today! :3

I figure from now on when I do pictures I’ll try and do videos of the make-up. The one from today will be up by this weekend if anyone would like to check it out. My youtube is:

From now on I will try and do the videos before I make a post so I can just include them at the end for you.

I started the youtube for when I can speak/practice Japanese. But until that day comes, I just do some randomness on there. ^^






The last picture reminds me of this quote: “God, do not forgive them; they know what they are doing.”

Sometimes my view on the world feels this way. And for some reason with horns on, it makes me wonder if God and the Devil have that kind of relationship. I don’t like to go into religious things much on the internet, but it’s so interesting how many questions you can ask!:)


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