My First Japan Gift!


Tonight I’m very excited! I got a package from a youtube friend, Sharla! :3 Her channel is called sharlainjapan if you would like to check out her super cool videos about her life in Japan!

I’ll be putting a little video about these goodies on my own channel tonight. (cupoftee1000).

Last year I made a video trying to make chocolates for Shad for Valentine’s Day. Sharla offered to send me some cute Japanese molds for me to try this year! She sent me these two super cute molds. I’m so excited for the Pocky molds!!


To go along with chocolate making she also sent me two decorating pens and some cute decorations like sprinkles.




I was surprised to get some snacks as well!

I was a little concerned to try this Umai snacks because I’m so picky, but they were actually super delicious!


One of my favorite things about Japanese snacks is how cute they are and that they’re almost like little crafts. So I was pretty happy to see these goodies in the package as well!




Personally, I think Japan is definitely ahead of the states when it comes to snacks! Receiving this gift made me even more determined to learn Japanese and make sure I travel there!

Thank you Sharla!


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