At Least Someone Loves The Snow!

If you live near the East Coast you’re probably experiencing the wrath of winter! I haven’t seen snow like this since I was a little kid. Sadly, snow doesn’t bring the same joy it once did. Now all I can think is how I will have to take the bus to school and work because my two wheel drive can’t handle the roads, all the sirens, not wanting to leave the house, how I need to make a trip home, but when can I drive?

Luckily I have a little sport who makes the dreary weather a little more exciting!


I had a little bit of a rough night last night, so taking Novu out and watching him roll around in the powdery snow really put a smile on my face.



He has such a thick coat, so I’m pretty jealous of him for being able to run around with no problems in this chilly weather. Yoru is also jealous as well! She waits at the door or window because she wants to come play too! Sometimes we let her sit on our steps, but the snow is so deep today, I think she’d be lost!

Novu is developing a lot of personality! He looks so much like a wolf when he’s outside.


He’s a pretty big handful sometimes, but I’m so glad to have the little stinker. He brings a lot of smiles when I’m feeling down:)

But I need to get back to homework and studying! (I was procrastinating of course;3)

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