Eat More.

Ever since I was a kid I’ve hated to see other people picked on. I understand not liking someone. I understand wanting to rant about someone or expressing your opinion. But to bully someone; I don’t understand that.

Something I’ve seen really start taking a rise this year is bashing of thin people. I was all for equality and no body shaming. I’m all for girls with curves. I’m all for not being a size zero and still being beautiful. I think everyone should be able to accept their bodies.

I know it’s a hard thing to do. We all think there is something we could fix about ourselves. I’d like a smaller nose, blue eyes, a perkier booty, and toned muscles everywhere. We all have our own insecurities, but WHY are people insisting on pointing that out to others.

As I stated, I think curvy girls are beautiful. I think all types are beautiful. But today I’m defending myself.

I’m skinny.


Now I feel awkward posting this with my own body insecurities, but whatever, I’m ranting.

Whether you’re pro or anti thigh gap I don’t really care. My point is do what you want for YOUR body!

I often get told by  my family I need to eat more. What they don’t understand is that my thigh gap’s sole purpose is to hold my large french fries from McDonalds. Since I’m often a tired person people tend to blame it on being “too skinny” or “not eating enough”, when it fact it’s because my diet consists mostly of fast food, candy, sketti o’s, hot dogs, and bacon. It’s not that I don’t eat enough, it’s that I don’t eat healthy.

I wish people would realize unless something is personally interrupting your life, it’s none of your business. Just as I hate when people bash on “bigger” girls, I cannot stand when people think making fun of “smaller” girls is any better. Just because we’re skinny doesn’t mean we don’t eat or have an eating disorder. I’m sorry some of us can eat 20 tacos from taco bell and still look “fine” the next day. Body image is for yourself. Stop telling people how they should look. Skinny/average/obese. Who cares! Do what you want for YOUR body. Bitching about how everyone else looks makes you no better than the people that make you feel like shit about yourself.

Embrace yourself. Look how you want to look. I’m so sick of seeing all this body hate everywhere. Blame the media, blame Hollywood, blame whoever, but personally I blame we the people.

Body image is what you make it for yourself. If you want to be 400 lbs and that’s beauty to you, freaking go for it!

If you’re naturally thin and you’re happy with that, good!

Skinny girls don’t like being told they’re “too skinny” or when others imply we have eating disorders. These are our bodies. This is how we are built. THERE’S NO SHAME IN THAT!

Love yourselves people.

You don’t need to bring others down to do that.


2 thoughts on “Eat More.

  1. Great post, it’s been astonishing to me to see the criticism thrown back at skinny women. Especially memes that go around facebook that have a picture of a really skinny woman and then a curvy woman with some caption like “this is a real woman” by the curvy one. All women are real women.

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