Finally: Meet Novu!!

The day I’ve been longing for finally came yesterday. I got to pick up my dear little Novu.


He’s a Scorpio just like me! He is 8 weeks old, but his breeder has given him so much love and support, he’s already so smart! He’s had a few accidents in the house, but mostly because I can’t get my coat and shoes on fast enough! But he typically whines when he needs to go, but since he’s just a baby it’s hard for him to hold it while I get ready.

We’ve been on a couple of walks and he doesn’t even need his leash to know that he should walk with me. I’m hoping to work on that daily so when he’s big he still knows not to run off. He discovered the squirrels today, so he does want to play with them.

Shad and I took him to a park today. He loves the snow!



I am completely in love with this breed. Wolves are my favorite animal, but I never felt right getting a “wolf-dog” because I feel a wolf should be free in the wild. Tamaskans do not have any wolf in them.

For more information you can go to my breeders website:

I HIGHLY recommended them if you want a Tamaskan puppy. I researched a lot before selecting a breeder. I didn’t want to support a puppy mill. I wanted to support someone who genuinely cared for their babies. Jonathan and Glenda (the owners) love each little puppy as if they were their own human babies. They are very helpful with any questions you have, and want to make sure and guarentee your puppy will be healthy and  happy upon arrival. They update their facebook page with lots of videos of the current litters. Sometimes they have a waiting list. Since they only breed one or two females at a time, you could be waiting for a bit for your puppy. But it’s definitely worth the wait to know that all the dogs are in excellent care.

Novu wasn’t afraid at all to walk out of his crate at the airport when he arrived. He’s super loving and smart, and loves to cuddle and be near Shad or I. He’s super friendly to the strangers he’s met and very courteous of other animals.

And as you can see, he’s super adorable:)



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