To My Millennials

I suppose I feel a little like ranting tonight.

I’m sure many of you have Facebook. And I’m assuming if you have Facebook you have just as many complaints as the rest of us. Currently my biggest annoyance has been the “Getting Married: Best Choice Ever”/”SINGLE BITCHES RULE” type blog posts that get shared all around the web.

Can I just give a word of advice to my fellow generation… STOP! JUST STOP!

I know… it’s so hard not to judge or feel envious of every instagram photo/tweet/facebook rant. But why are we basing our own lives on this? Why do we feel so entitled to cut others down for the way they want to live? I can admit, watching all my peers getting married and having little tots makes me feel like my life isn’t moving at a fast enough pace here and there. I wonder, should I be upset Shad hasn’t proposed to me after five years when so and so has only been dating six months? Should I get pregnant now so I can have children with my friends? But there’s so much I still want to do?! What matters in life?! What’s important? What should I do?! AGAGAGAGAGAGAGA!!!!

But these constant posts…singles bashing the married/engaged/baby on boards. The family type making it sound like the single life is trash. What’s the point? What is everyone trying to prove? That your life is more significant?

As a fellow Millennial, I understand. We want our own lives to be top notch. We want everyone to see what we are doing and be happy for us. We want the world to see that we’re better than our parents, and we’re God’s gift to the Earth. I have no shame admitting I do occasionally partake in that attitude.

But let’s be honest…All you singles have occasionally wanted what the  family type have. All you family type occasionally wonder what else could be. And that’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve wonder many times what my single life would be like.

Just because you’re married/have children/ have a serious relationship does not mean your life is over. It doesn’t mean you can’t travel around the world. It doesn’t mean you will never accomplish your goals. You still want to impress Hugh and the bunnies but had a kid? Still go for it! If you did it when you were single it would resurface anyway! That baby sees those boobs now, they’ll only be a little shocked to see them again.

Single? That doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. That doesn’t mean you need to beg the next person to who gives you a compliment to knock you up and marry you. It simply means you haven’t bumped into a worthy enough person to walk your path with.

Life isn’t a competition. If you’re truly happy, that’s what matters. So bang your way across Europe. Elope. Pop out a baby. Live with 50 cats. Go streaking. Do what your heart desires (while still being aware of the consequences of course).

Live YOUR life.

Stop bashing on how others live theirs.

“Don’t mock people for the things that make them happy.”



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