December Picture Post

Hi everyone!

I’m actually doing my picture post a little early this month since I don’t really have anything going on until the New Year.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this little guy before, but this is Al!


He’s had many homes, but some way or another always ends back up with Shad and I. Of course I don’t mind. He actually LOVES taking pictures. I used to shoot with him a lot when he stayed with us before. Today he had the biggest smile after we did some photos. I’ve known kind snakes before, but I swear this one is almost like a mammal!

Shad and I also celebrated our five year anniversary this month! I can’t believe it! Looking back on us when we first began this crazy journey I honestly never would have thought we’d come so far. But every trial we go through makes us so much stronger, and I can’t believe how much I can care about someone while still wanting to smack them at the same time. ;3 We just went on a sushi date and spent the day together.



I was also accepted back into university this month! I’ve already mentioned this, but I can’t wait to begin my study of the Japanese language next fall!



And of course there was Christmas this month! I hope you all had a very lovely day as well. I finally got to meet my cousins baby who is now a little over a year old. He is truly his dads clone! But the cutest baby ever.


December has not gone without its challenges. I’ve been having a rough time dealing with a few things and fully moving past other things.


But, I’m doing my best to keep realizing the beauty of the life I get to witness.


I’m trying to remember to always take time to relax.


And find enjoyment in the simple small pleasures of life.



I will see you all in the new year. Let’s make a good one!

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