It’s about 4 a.m. where I live, and I can’t sleep. I’ve been sick the past few days and dealing with some very personal things involving someone I care deeply about. Despite these things, I can’t help but keep thinking; I’m so lucky.

I feel Christmas makes me feel more thankful than Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is always in relation to “Black Friday”. I think its disgusting really. Instead of preparing to give thanks for the month, everyone looks forward to the day after for all the things they want to go on sale. I hope I never take part in a Black Friday.

Many people seem to get depressed around Christmas. They hate spending money to buy others gifts. As a broke college student, my gifts are always small, and I admit, it’s stressful trying to find the right gift; especially on a budge, but I love getting things for people. 

Christmas really makes me appreciate what I have. The past couple of years I don’t even have any ideas of what to ask for for Christmas. (Besides money; unfortunately you can never have enough.) I suppose I’m pretty lucky to say that. Though it’s not much, I’m content with what I have. Things I want just for fun are things I like to earn on my own.

Next week is also the end of the semester! But it also means finals… Tuesday I was so sick that I missed an exam… Luckily he drops the lowest test grade so the zero won’t count, but I was hoping to score high on this exam to knock a different out. Now I am a little stressed about doing extra well on the final. But for now, as long as I pass, which I should, I think I will be fine.

I’m really ready for a three week winter break though! My body seems to crave rest lately. I’ve been trying so hard to better myself, I think I’m exhausted. I suppose over the break I will be a little lazy and give my body and mind the break it’s craving so I can be refreshed for the Spring/Winter semester.

I also got re-admitted back into the university my college adventures began! Next fall I will be back at university and I will be able to take Japanese classes! Exciting, right? Maybe by next summer I will be able to type simple Japanese blogs?

The adviser I’ve been in contact with is actually going to let me sit in on a class next semester to just to see if I like it. I’ve never heard of advisers doing that before, so I’m pretty excited to get a glimpse of what I’ll be doing. I’m very excited to start learning and hopefully to meet people that share my goal. I’m hoping I won’t be so shy in all these Japanese classes so I can make some friends…

But I just can’t sleep and thought I’d chat a bit.

Here’s a picture of my sister’s kitten that is staying with me. He’s the one I rescued if you remember that post. Still adorable, huh? Enjoy your nights/days.:3





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