So it’s the first of December and you know what that means!: CHRISTMAS!

Christmas season is always my favorite! The whole things with presents kind of makes me uneasy, but the atmosphere is so delightful! Sure I am always freezing and don’t spend as much time outside as I would like, but the air is so crisp and fresh and puts me in such a good mood.

I always love all of the lights! Shad and I usually every year take a stroll downtown to admire the lights in our city, or take a nice cruise around the family neighborhoods to look at the house decorations.

I love cozy-ing up with some tea or hot cocoa to watch movies with my Christmas tree on, and of course curling up next to Shad to keep warm. I took a few pictures of some of our Christmas tree decorations.

This Shad and I’s first Christmas tree together!





There is so much to be happy about in December. I may not be able to drive my boat of a car on the slippery roads once the snow comes, but only two weeks of the semester left, of course Christmas day, and Shad and I will be celebrating our fifth year together! I can’t believe it.

I hope all of you are enjoying the first of December and love this time as much as I do!


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