November Picture Post!

Hello All!

I decided to do this today since I may be busy this weekend; but here are my November pictures!

Now that the weather is becoming very chilly I’ve discovered a new obsession…SOCKS!


They are so warm/cozy/CUTE! I want to wear them all of the time now! I even bought a pair of socks that have little kittens on them…


I’ve also been over indulging a little this month…


Not anymore though! Because I’m broke… Normally I’m very crazy about spending money, but I guess I was in one of those moods where I felt money was a worthless thing to stress over. Well…now that I’m low; I’m stressing! But all will be fine!

I also celebrated my birthday this month. The big 22! Here’s a gift Shad’s mother got me.


We also got our first snowfall the weekend of my birthday. The first snow always seems to come my birthday weekend ever since I moved away from home.


As I already said before; My friends treated me to very special night at the bar my birthday eve. My birthday was on a Sunday, so I celebrated Saturday!


I am so grateful to my friends for taking me out that night and showing me such a fun time. I was in a depressed place that weekend; but they showed me it wasn’t my fault and it was okay to have a night for myself.<3

My birthday dinner was a childhood favorite; so terrible for me, but amusing all the same.



I’ve been doing my best to keep myself involved in the things I love. I’m very back and forth right now as far as anxiety and things of relation go; but I’m doing my best to remember we all deserve to be happy.

I started focusing on learning some kanji. I bought this book and memorized the first ten kanji, but then decided I should work of my Genki book first, since those kanji I will definitely need for classes when I start them.


Did you guys know I’m also into bass? I can’t play of course… but I’m trying to teach myself! I just bought new strings and have been doing exercises so my fingers actually function. I don’t really have faith in my ability to become a decent player; but I love, love, love watching bass players in some of my favorite bands. The way they move, how their faces look, their hands and passion; I love it.


I’ve also been trying to spend as much warm snuggle time with Shad!


We will have been together five years towards the end of December! I can’t believe it. It seems just yesterday we were two stupid high school kids. We’ve come so far, and have so much more we will go through. But I hope it will be together.

After all, all you need is….



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