Birthdays & Friends

So today, 22 years ago, I was born. It’s a birthday I haven’t been looking forward to as I mentioned before in a previous post. Along with my own personal feelings, I found out some hard facts this weekend I had a very hard time dealing with. Though I’m taking a little win because I kept my anxiety under control! But despite everything my friends really came together and showed me an amazing time for my birthday.

One of my best friends from my home town drove here to see me for the weekend, and my friends that live near me rallied together to keep my mind off of things. We celebrated last night since unfortunately we all must return to the reality of the week days. Monday…

We just went out to the bar and had some good laughs. I found myself a nice sleeping spot on my bathroom rugs, but I’m proud to say I held myself together! We had a major black out in my part of the city. The streetlights and everything were off! It was a little scary, but very cool. We would actually live in the darkness if we didn’t have today’s technologies! Both a great and odd thought.

But really I just felt I had to say; though most times I don’t really understand friendship, I’m so incredibly grateful for the people I have in my life. As humans we really don’t understand how much we need one another.

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