I feel like I haven’t been keeping up much lately. Y-Y It’s not intentional I promise! Just kind of been in one of those funks!

Today is a very cold, wet day…We are having what they call a “wintery mix”. I’m not ready for snow!!

A few weeks ago I was excited for the cold weather, but now that it’s here…I want summer! I tried to take some pictures today for you guys, but they didn’t turn out. I tried to make it feel like spring by doing some cotton candy eye shadow for make-up, but you could tell from the natural lighting in my room it was a gloomy day. Also you could tell in my face I was pretty confused. (I’m not sure how to do cute spring looks with out feeling like a dork!)

I got this picture by accident though and kind of liked it.


I wish it would stop being rainy here so I could do the Fall pictures with Shad, but every day we have the time, it’s such a sad day! We might not get them done this year…

But maybe we will suffer through the snow and do pictures then! I want to do a “Red Riding Hood” type shoot this winter.

Which reminds me…I sent out the payment for my puppy!!!!!

Depending on the number of puppies born these next litters, I should have my little boy in January!

But that’s pretty much all I have going on for now… So boring…

Thank you for reading!


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