Halloween Ideas: Vampire!

So Halloween is coming up and the hardest part is choosing what to be! I never want to spend a ton of money on things I’m only going to wear once, so I tend to try and use my own clothes to create something. Of course I normally purchase a prop or two. I have a view more ideas I would like to play with, but I started with a vampire!

I just got these fangs I ordered yesterday, so I wanted to play with them. Please keep in mind… It’s hard to show off fangs without making some fun faces, so enjoy!

I started with a more typical vampire. Dark/mean/scary. Of course you could add blood and everything to make it more intense.




Then I thought….Maybe some people would want to be a cute vampire?

This was pretty interesting… I threw on some pink clothes and switched up the eye make-up.


I couldn’t help but be silly with this one.


But remember…Just because something is cute, doesn’t mean it isn’t dangerous too!



Next I will probably be doing my personal favorite: the classic kitten. And maybe even try out some cos-play.

Thank you for viewing!:)


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