September Picture Post!

Well it’s finally the last day of September! For as fast as the Summer passed, the school months sure are taking their time. But Fall is my favorite season, so I guess I don’t mind if it wants to stay awhile.

I enjoy most things about Fall. Fashion being one of them. I love layers! I enjoy the Summer, but I feel best in a pair of jeans and poofy sweater. And this year I really like hats.


Work is finally picking up! Mostly I’ve been making a lot of agar dishes for our boss who mostly covers the micro-lab. I’m glad for the practice since I always get nervous mixing things. (I’m scared of failure!)


But since my boss’s girlfriend just had their little baby boy last weekend, I’ve been glad to help him as much as I can so he can leave to check on the baby, and help with the other 5 year old.


School has been keeping me very busy, but lately I’ve been feeling the urge to play video games! Sadly, Shad bought the new Grand Theft Auto, so while he plays that, I have to stare at my poor, lonely, disconnected, gaming system that actually matters. (and my Super Nintendo of course.) *Check out all my Pokemon!


Shad and I also learned our favorite Sushi places delivers! Hopefully we won’t spend all our money there. They have an amazing dragon roll!


I also haven’t been eating the healthiest… All the Autumn treats are out! But I’m hoping to straighten my diet out… But who can say no to these!?


And also…Taco Bell gives such great advice!


But, other than stuffing my face, I’ve been trying to enjoy all nature has to offer me.


I also spend most of my time with this face…


Organic Chemistry will surely be the end to me…But I’m hoping I can still pass and move forward! I’m thinking I may not be able to take Organic Chem 2 next semester with my other hard classes…But I’m trying not to stress, and I can always work it in later to give it the time it deserves!

Farewell for now!

As I mentioned before, hopefully you’ll see some new Autumn pictures this weekend!


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