Inspiring Love

Hello All!

I suppose I want to write this to give myself a reminder of the thing I sometimes forget… Shad is amazing. (Please brace yourself; I’m free writing so I might get cheesy.)


With my anxiety and trying to grow as my own, I think I put a lot of stress on Shad. He doesn’t admit it, and he’s always supportive, but I doubt it’s easy. Sometimes I feel like he’d be better without me, you know? I think everyone thinks that sometimes.

But then it’s so weird…My girl friends and his guy friends often will talk to me and say; “You and Shad are exactly what we all hope to be one day. We all hope to have that special person. You guys are perfect.”

Though…I’m not sure most people realize how much work goes into a relationship. Shad and I have a very, very, very rocky history. But it’s our willingness to work together and make things right that makes us so unique. For one, unless I were to think he was completely out of line, I never belittle Shad in front of friends. I think that’s very disrespectful. The first thing girls especially need to understand is that guys do act different around their friends. You probably wont like it, but that’s boys.

The same as we probably chat and act a little annoying with girl friends. I don’t feel it’s acceptable to bring them down in front of their friends. If something truly bothered you, you wait until you are alone and hash it out then.

Communication is the biggest thing in all relationships. Most say trust… but I don’t believe that one much. Having trust certainly makes things run a lot smoother, but it’s not a necessity in my eyes. There will always be times when someone feels insecure; it shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Again; just talk about it.

I guess I’m kind of a hopeless romantic. I may never feel that I am truly loved (though I know I am), but I want everyone else to find that special person. In the friendships that I form I always find myself trying to help others in that category. It’s nice when people look up to me for advice.

But…I’m kind of just ranting and I’m not sure where to go with this…

Shad said he would do a boyfriend tag with me on Youtube! So I will post a link here when we do it so you all can somewhat meet him as well if you don’t want to subscribe to my channel. :3 (I actually have 15 subscribers now keke)

Though…I got a strange comment the other day… “Have you ever been spanked as a grown up? Like in a grown up way?”

AHHH! Creepy! I suppose that’s what I get for making question videos when I look like a tot, huh?

I hope you all got a laugh. ❤


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