A Passion

So I’m watching this movie on Netflix called “The Ramen Girl”. In short it’s about a rich girl who doesn’t normally have to work, but now she is all alone in Tokyo and finds herself drawn to a Ramen Shop. Here she has found her passion; she wants to learn to cook ramen. She doesn’t speak Japanese, and hardly understands Japanese customs, but she still keeps trying her best.

So far it’s a very beautiful movie.

Though it makes me slightly sad. I hope one day I will stumble into my passion as well.

I was just talking with a guy last night about it. He brought up he still hasn’t found something to truly live for.

The most beautiful thing to me is watching people light up over their passions. There are so many things I hope to do and try one day…but nothing feels like a calling. But I’ll always be hopeful I will find it.

I hope everyone has/finds a passion. Always do your best!



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