Rainy Day in the Woods

It was pretty rainy earlier this afternoon, but I still chose to walk after class. Walking in rain is actually pretty soothing to me, plus I thought maybe some frogs and turtles would be out!

These first two pictures are just of the sky the past two nights I wanted to share. So pretty! I heart tonight might be a harvest moon, so I’ll watching for that!


Starting my walk, I actually found a tiny frog right away! He was so small, and so cute. He hung out with me long enough to snap a few pictures before hoping away. I thought I would find tons of frogs but he was the only one. I kept thinking the drops of rain moving the ground where frogs hopping around.


Next I found a few flowers.


I remember being obsessed with these next ones when I was a kid because of the movie Bambie. They’re the same flowers Thumper eats! :3


Then I made my way down to this little creek that connects to a pond that I can never reach.



I was hoping to find a turtle here…but no luck.

There were tons of little mushrooms everywhere though!


I probably shouldn’t admit this, but I was enjoying the sound of the rain and fresh air so much I didn’t want to go to work.

So I went right to the greenhouse I take care of and sat and listened to the rain for awhile. The air always seem so fresh in the greenhouse on rainy days; I think the plants like them too.


But now I must kill 20 minutes until my Physics class, then lab…

Thanks for reading! ^^

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