Runaway With Me.

Today and last night have been bad days for anxiety. I’ve been kicking out a lot of poems today. This one I think is my favorite.

Can’t we runaway?
Some place far away?
Where the temperature is perfect?
Some place my heart won’t stray?
Can’t we run with wolves?
Just like in my dreams?
Can’t we swim with otters?
Down the clear blue streams?
Can’t we climb the trees?
Scream in triumph at the top?
Can’t we live off the thrill,
That our feet will never stop?
Can’t we live to survive?
A life that has some meaning?
Isn’t there more than constant four walls?
Am I only dreaming?
Can’t we runaway?
To a place with no money?
Can’t we be free?
Or is that thought too funny?

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