Quick Shout-Out to YOU!


Maybe it’s because I think I almost reached meditation in my class today; but I’ve been feeling to appreciative today. I’m still struggling with some physical things I believe to be from my anxiety, but I’m working on building a much stronger sense of positivity, not only for the things around me, but hopefully towards myself.

I’ve gained a decent amount of followers this week, and to the new, and the old, I really want to say thank you!

I know that may seem weird… I know none of you… You might not actually read all of my blogs, or give input, and (not saying any of you are!) but some of you could possibly be creepy. (Whose to judge over the internet?)

But it actually means a lot to me that others possibly enjoy my rants/pictures/opinions/insight.

I’m hoping as I continue to grow for myself and for others that I will be able to eventually provide you all with new experiences/knowledge.

Eventually I will learn Japanese. I will be more informed on the environment/wildlife. I might even study abroad eventually!

I often feel I have no knowledge of the things I care about…But as I finally buckle down into courses more directed in my field next year, I hope to gain that knowledge and hopefully even some hands on experience.

I used to want to change the world as a kid. I think a lot of us have probably heard there’s no chance a single person can do that.

But I’ve realized the world can’t be changed by pretty words alone. If you feel passionately for something, you should do your best to stand for it, right?

I hope I can do that at some point. And all of you have helped me realize, though it may be small, I do have some sort of voice in the world.

I hope I can become louder and louder and reach my dreams, as well as I hope you all reach yours.

I hope I can inspire you in some ways just as you all inspire me.

As always, I am forever grateful for all my readers. ❤


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