Photoshoot Friday?

I feel like I’m posting too much the past two days…After this one I’ll take a couple day break!^^

But I’m thinking of maybe trying to have a theme blog: Photoshoot Friday. Probably not every Friday, but everyone once and awhile when I take pictures I’ll try to save them for Fridays!

Today I tried to do an “Alien” theme. It turned out looking more grunge though…


Just the make-up.


I really need to get a tri-pod or be more comfortable allowing others to shoot me. I’m so limited when I have to do it myself so my pictures aren’t turning out how I hope they would.

I’m trying to convince my sister to shoot with me this weekend. I even picked a theme she would enjoy! So hopefully those will happen!

Also, I did another youtube video. I didn’t want to make it its own blog post so I just put the link below. Bye-bye!



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