Come To Work With Me

This being the first week of the semester, we are very very slow at work. A little more to do than over the summer, but basically I’ve been spending my time at work re-writing notes and reading material.

Today to kill some time I thought I could show you guys some photos from the little greenhouse I also take care of as part of my job. I wish the orchid cactus was blooming so I could show you those flowers; but it will give everyone something to look forward to when Spring comes closer.^^


Normally there is a cactus with pretty purple flowers too, but I think it’s about done blooming for the year. It only has one closed bud. 😦 But hope you enjoyed a little sneak peak at some flowers!


Oh, and how crazy is this;


I guess my school has had this for a long time. (Supposedly buying real bones is a no-no now.) I can’t believe this used to be a live person once. I don’t know… It didn’t scare me of course, but it’s still so weird…touching some elses’ bones?

The taxidermy animals around here are even creepier….


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