What Is This!?!

I’m not sure the ages of most of you that follow my blog; but I’m assuming some of you have started school by now! I am so grateful I dropped Calculus for Meditation because I already know Physics2 and Organic Chem. 1 will be keeping me on my toes…

Yesterday was a bad day for my anxiety and since it was only the first day of school, I was depressed I didn’t think I could handle college this semester. But then today I feel ready for the challenge… I guess I’m just going to have to take the days as they come!

I ended up on the honors list over the summer. I joked that at least losing my mind paid off. ;3

Today to relax I took a few photos. (Also I did end up keeping my facebook page Cup.of.Tee.) I added some Poi pictures there from Shad’s first fire spin. Most of them are of his friend Ray though. They have very different styles and Ray was easier to catch on camera. Hopefully I’ll get some better ones next time!

The next photos were just an idea I got by accident. I wanted to try some “glamor” shots, but when I was removing some lipstick this idea happened instead. I put the three pictures together on my tumblr to depict a story; find love; question love; lose love. Thanks always for reading!





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