In This Moment: Forest

When registering my classes for this Fall term I gave myself 30 minutes in between my meditation class and work. I figured since meditation may cause me to want to relax for a few moments, I should take some time for myself instead of immediately jumping into the chaos of the day. Today is lovely outside so I decided to hit the forest and wrote a little something while I was out there.


And so I sit here.

The sun beaming down on me.

It warms every inch of my body.

Its warm embrace even threatens to warm my soul.

The ground is hard beneath me;

Yet somehow soft and inviting.

Unfamiliar sounds are somewhat threatening,

But hold promise of a welcomed thrill.

Even as the bugs crawl and buzz around me,

I realize…

This is what I want.

This how we’re meant to live.

Our whole existence keeps pushing farther and farther away from this beautiful, threatening, peaceful way of life.

How can I live the way I’m expected?

Can I find balance between what I want and what just simply is?


But for now I’ll soak in all of what this forest is willing to share with me.




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