August Picture Post!

みんな こんにちは!

Don’t let me fool you… I still haven’t made much progress on Japanese unless I’m looking in the book. But it’ll come in time, especially once I take classes!

Well…I have internet now! So I can do my August Picture Post. There might be a lot this time…I feel like I’ve hardly wrote this month…So much going on! And still a lot I’m working on with myself.

Firstly, Shad and I have our own place!


Normally kids our age are throwing parties, but we’ve just been silly like this. This past weekend we were in our home town gathering up things so we can finally get everything set up and make our place liveable. My former roommate had brought most of things so when she moved out, we lived like this:


And a lot of McDonald’s…How I’m thin.. I’m still not sure! But my grandma gave us our first set of china! I never thought I’d be excited about dishes, but they’re beautiful!

I also saved a kitten!


Sort of… One of my younger sisters snuck him into our parents home a few weeks ago. My parents don’t want any more pets since after Rascal past, they already have 4 dogs and two cats. I was worried they would end up throwing the kitten out on the street, so I brought him home with me! Sadly we aren’t keeping him since we already plan on getting a dog… But my older sister who lives near me is adopting him! I’m really sad to part with him. I love him so much. But I’m glad he will be close. I think a furry baby would also be well for my sister. And my Yoru has a cousin to have play dates with!


It will be Yoru’s first birthday on Friday! In November we will have had her for one whole year. She’s all grown up and cat like now. She’s turned into a daddy’s girl, so I’m hoping our puppy will like to play with me. (I think she’s also jealous right now the kitten always cuddles next to me.)

As for me… I’m still trying to find pleasure in all the little things. Still living one day at a time.


It’s getting a little easier. I don’t stress too much since I’m practicing never having “set” plans. School also begins next week. I’m very nervous that I won’t be able to handle the class stress…but still excited too. We’ll see how it goes!


I’m still thinking of fun pictures to do, but I think I’ll close my facebook page. It seems weird having one. So when I want to share pictures it’ll just be here!

Always, thanks for reading! :3



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