July Picture Post

I haven’t posted in a bit. I’ve had quite an extreme past week. I don’t feel 100% ready to write and explain it, but in short my anxiety suddenly hit the roof.

But I wanted to do a little picture post since another month has flown by.


My boyfriends pal started doing this thing called poi about a year ago I believe he said, and Shad quickly got interested and started getting into a few months ago. Both of them are hoping to spin fire! Shad has even got me practicing. I only started a couple of days ago, but I can do a couple of tricks. (Sloppily of course.) Glow poi are my favorite to watch, but the fire poi is something spectacular. There is one girl that can do a fire hula hoop!


I also learned about something special this month. McDonald’s after midnight!! I can get a cheeseburger and a hash brown!? In high school I dreamed of the day McDonald’s would serve breakfast earlier, and it has arrived!


I upgraded my phone to a Galaxy SIII. I adore it as much as one could like technology. Also a bit about anxiety. I took this yesterday; day 7 with hardly any sleep.


I’m a child at heart and it has played a huge role in how I deal with my anxiety. I’ve made a fort in my living room and am trying to surround myself with things I love. Art/video games/Simba/ and pillows. And of course friends, family, and Shad.


Shad has been more supportive than I could have ever dreamed and I’m so grateful to have him here. I’ve also been able to bond with my older sister in a way I’ve been missing for awhile. So I guess some good things have come from my anxiety.


I took my last exam for the summer yesterday so I’m hoping the rest of summer I can learn to relax and cope with some big decisions I have to make.

I hope all of your lives are going well and you too try and find the best in any sour situation you may find yourself in. If I’m learning anything from my situation it’s that in order to keep pushing forward you just have to keep finding something to push forward to. Good luck everyone!


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