Photography: Paint Inspired

I’m obsessed with art. Generally I lack originality; meaning usually I see something that I like and I think “I can do that.” So I re-create the art and often tweek things and add my own details. I figure why would I buy something I could do myself? Though I’m envious of those who can draw so freely from their own imagination. As decent as I can be at a re-creation, often when I try to draw from what I see in my head it’s all squiggles. Y-Y

In the past year I’ve grown to really like photography. Completely amateur of course. Like most of the world today I do partake in the “selfie” craze; though if I’m going to post pictures of myself, why not make it interesting? Here’s a little bit to show of my boredom yesterday with some description under each.Image

Inspired by Robert Frost’s Fire and Ice. This was my first time playing with a photo editor I found online. I’ve always wished I was born with blue eyes! If I ever get better at photo editing, I have some great ideas still for this theme!


Those who have never known true love will always feel hate. I’m a huge supporter of equal rights. It isn’t about “gay marriage” or “gay rights” to me; it’s about equality.


I just thought this one looked kind of cool. It was from the rainbow tears theme, but I really like it in black and white. The eyes just seem really bold like they are trying to say something, but since they are mine, I still view them as sad. Then the paint kind of looks like dark tears, so it just all around interested me.

Hope you at least found these amusing! :3


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