Daddys and Daughters

Since today is Father’s Day, what better to blog about than my dear old man.


(I’m the one year old fat baby. The cute brown eyed tot is my older sister, Cortney. Jealous I get to blow out the candle it seems.^^ )

I’ll be vague as always and simply say that I had some very hard feelings for my dad starting in the 5th grade up until last year I’d say. We had some conflicting moments in our home life and I didn’t like who he had become and how I was being treated.

But despite that, I’ve always been a daddy’s girl. When my parents where together my mom used to get so upset that I’d fuss all day long, but when dad got home I was all smiles and coo’s.

When my parents split up for good and I stayed with my dad, those early years are some of my most treasured memories. Movies, bowling alleys, hot dogs and mac&cheese. My little tom-boy self couldn’t have asked for a better dad.

Even though things changed for awhile between us, I never once stopped remembering him as my super hero. I think that’s why things hurt so much. He had always been there for me, and I had felt like I lost that.

But since last year I’ve let those issues be known and our relationship I feel has snapped right back to what it was. I think I’m his biggest supporter, and though I don’t always feel like it, I’m sure he is mine as well. I’m always aiming to make him proud.

Good or bad, I’ve learned great things from him. Whether what not to do, or what to do. Whatever his mistakes, and whatever my hard feelings, I would never change the fact that out of all the dads in the world, I got this one.


Love you dad!



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