Beaches and Babies

So far this Summer season in my state has been very rainy. Which is good since last year was very dry. But at the same time I miss the sunshine! It seems all the good days I’m working.

But yesterday it was finally a clear sky! Shad has been working so much lately, but he didn’t have to leave until the evening, so we spent an afternoon at the beach!


There is a tiny little beach near where I live. We like to go there instead of traveling the 45 minutes to the larger beach where most college students go. This beach near our home is often full of families. Most don’t like a child invested beach, but I love listening to the kids play and have fun. I think it’s refreshing.

When we first arrived there was only a mother and her son there. Shad and I gave them plenty of space and just soaked up the sun. Awhile later though I suddenly heard foot steps very close to me and opened my eyes to see the little boy hovering over me.

“Look what I found! I lost this last time I was here and I never thought I’d see it again!” He exclaimed happily showing me a marble. Normally I’m hesitant to talk to stranger’s children. You never know what kind of parent you are going to run into. But this little boy chatted with Shad and I for a good 15 minutes. He had just turned five and he was baffled we hadn’t been to his party. He bragged about all his skills. He could juggle, shoot his arrow ALL the way across the lake, and he could even never drown because he can float.

To encourage him I told him that I was never able to learn to juggle and that he was very impressive with his skills. To which he told me “Well you know all you have to do is practice! Practice a lot and you can do it!”

And this child’s attitude has stuck with me since then.

To feel like you can do anything you set your heart to…It must be such an amazing feeling.

I’m not sure when I lost those feelings in myself…

I hope I have a little while before I am a parent, but I hope my child never loses that sight of life. I want to do my best to make dreams come true for my own child. My biggest wish in life is that my child will never feel the way I did, or how many children feel growing up.

Happiness and confidence. Children radiate those things. Why we all choose to grow up and lose the fun in our eyes, I’m not sure. “Adults” could learn far more things from their children then they could ever begin to teach.

That is what I think.


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