Updates & Sushi Dates♡

Last time I wrote I was really just venting because I was freaked out so I figured I should update. I was completely shaken up after that whole anxiety attack incident it took me a couple days to unwind, but I think all is well!

I knew from the start I didn’t want to go into ‘shelter mode’, which is what I tend to do when I get really sick/stressed/whatever. I shut off from everyone until I feel better, but when it comes to anxiety I know the last thing you should do is feed it. The next night after the incident my boyfriends pal was in town celebrating her 23rd birthday. I was scared to go out with Shad and all of his friends in case I panicked again, but I knew I didn’t want to believe every time I left the house I’d have an episode, so I went out and made it through. I did take another day off of work on Monday, but I think it was just what I needed because I feel fine basically now.

I still get a little nervous in the greenhouse because that’s where it happened. I’m not sure why it did. But hopefully it’s nothing common!


Today Shad and I went out on a nice sushi date!


I got the crab roll and crunchy roll. So so good! Shad ordered a couple of things with scallops in them.

Shad has decided he would like to study Japanese with me too! I’m not sure if he really will focus that much outside of a class room, it’s even hard for me! But he said he would even like to take the courses at university with me next year. Since he is going to school for engineering, he said it would be good to learn Japanese since he wants to do business in Japan as well. It will be nice to have him learn the language with me since we will be able to practice with one another. (Hopefully he was serious…) But if not I will still do my best!

Farewell for now. Thank you for reading.^^


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