I don’t like talking about really personal things in my life, but also sometimes it helps me move past things if I finally open up about it so I thought I’d give it a shot.

I’ve always had a lot of anxiety and always over stress about everything, but yesterday at work I believe I had a panic attack. I’ve been extra worried with summer classes and financial things, but I’ve never had a panic attack before.

It was a really calm day at work and I got to work in the greenhouse, but out of nowhere I just felt like I wasn’t getting enough air. My hands were shaking and I felt light headed and my chest felt like it was under a lot of pressure. Am I dying? Is what I actually thought.

I knew I was just stressing out so I wandered around a bit to take deep breathes and tried to go back to work. But it was only getting worse. I thought maybe I needed to get out of the green house so I traded tasks with a co-worker. As soon as I started my next task I felt like crying and passing out. I finished the task and asked to go home.

Once home I felt a little more relaxed, but ever since then I can’t help but get a little shaky and pressure in my chest when I think about it. Even typing it now…

I know I need to just calm down and relax, but I can’t help but worry that this won’t go away. I’m already an anxious person and I don’t want something like this to start getting me down and worried to do every day things like go to work. Hopefully as the stress winds down so will this mood.

Still a really freaky thing. I hoped by sharing it I will get past it a little faster.


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