So this is going to be a really lame, probably embarrass myself type post.. I ordered the Genki 1 textbook and workbook since the university I’m transferring back to uses them to teach Japanese. I figured since I’m trying to self teach now I might as well get the same books the school uses and get a little head start. And since yesterday I did lesson one I felt like typing an introduction since I can now introduce myself! (Maybe..) Now please… Don’t make fun of me! I’m sure this is the most basic right out of the text sounding thing there ever was, but I’m just learning. ^^

When I do type things like this though, I would really love constructive feed back and tips. Like grammar tips and stuff. I’m not great at ‘spelling’ with Japanese so I’m sure I will make lots of errors. I also haven’t learned any kanji yet, so I’ll only be doing hirigana/katakana. But here’s my shot of basic ‘about me’ that I learned in lesson 1.

はじめまして!ホリーです。 がくせいです。 いま さんえんせいです。 せんこうはかがくです。 にじゅういちさいです。 よろしく おねがいします。

Oh goodness…I just put that into google translate (which I know isn’t actually a good translate source) but it all makes no sense! So I hope it actually doesn’t translate that bad! But I know I have to be comfortable making mistakes in the open so I can learn.

I hope everyone who is fluent in Japanese won’t be too hard on me for being so “slow” on the language. I don’t want to come off arrogant or anything of that nature. I just really want to be able to practice the things I learn in each section until I can put everything together and actually become better. So I hope everyone will be patient with me and eventually my effort and everyone’s annoyance will pay off!



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