So… One of my biggest pet peeves is when people constantly complain about their problems. To a point of course. I understand the need to vent, but it gets to the point where I’m just like, do something about it!

But recently I have began to wonder…Do I ever take my own advice? I’ve been wondering recently if maybe I have anxiety. Since I was very small I’ve always gotten myself over worked up about situations. I stress pretty easy because I obsess for everything to be perfect. To a point where I kind of let myself go, because I’m scared I won’t be perfect.

Since I’ve come to college though I’ve been a little disappointed in myself. I suppose I’ve in a way separated myself from everyone because I’m worried they won’t accept me as I am. I don’t accept myself, so why would others? Even though I know we are our own biggest critics. I’ve always been shy. But it’s gotten to a point I don’t like.

Which is part of the reason I’ve decided to start a blog. To open up. Even though everyone who reads this will be strangers, it’s my first step to being more comfortable with myself and what I believe. And I hope everyone who feels the same way as me can relate and cope too!

I can’t say I have panic attacks or anything extreme, but goodness…I get so tense and get a tightness in my chest anytime I start to worry about something. I want to be able to accept myself again. I want to grow and become someone that I’m proud of, and that maybe other people can be proud of too. I don’t want to live in fear of what types of judgement will come from family. I don’t want to worry my friends will hate me because we don’t share ALL of the same interests.

And I also want Shad to have a girl by his side who is confident with who she is.

So…I hope to anyone reading this that might feel the same way as me, I hope you challenge yourself too!

がんばろう!♡ (I hope that’s right) ^^

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